Blanter Violet Premium Responsive Fast Load Blogger Template

The premium template this time is not the Material Design version that I normally release, but this time the premium template uses the name Blanter as its main name and additional Violet , because this template uses purple / violet as its base.
 Blanter Violet Premium Responsive Fast Load Blogger Template

Most of the templates in this template have been compressed and Minify includes CSS, HTML and Javascript which are almost all optimized. Maybe for people who are new to the codes in the template will be a little confused, but by reading the documentation and support that I will provide, it will help you install this template.

In terms of template features, there are many features such as show hide search, slider, breaking news, tabs widget, infinite scroll, and even this template has an in-feed ads feature on the main page which makes it easier for friends to place adsense ads or banner ads between posts.

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